Museum Features

The Gold State Coach

The Gold State Coach on display here was gifted by British Queen Elizabeth II to King Mahendra Shah during her first state visit to Nepal in 1961. The royal coach was used for the first time on the occasion of King Birendra Shah's coronation on February 24, 1975.

The coach was also used to transport the British Queen from Basantapur to Narayanhiti Palace at a grand public reception during her second visit to Nepal in 1986. The Shah Kings used the coach on special royal occasions.

It is said that there are only two of this type of carriages in the world today. The second one is in Buckingham Palace which the Queen continues to use to this day. The Coach was damaged in the 2015 earthquake and repaired by the palace at an expense of 500,000 Rupees. It remained at the Cavalry of Nepal Army for safekeep until it was moved to the Palace Museum for public display in 2021.

Kaski Baithak

One of the main halls of the Palace, the ‘Kaski Baithak’ is a reception hall where visiting Heads of the State were received, credential of the foreign ambassadors was received and swearing-in ceremony for the members of the Constitutional Bodies took place. Likewise, there are separate halls assigned for decoration ceremony, ceremony to announce the crown prince and some other events of historic importance.

Gorkha Baithak

there are separate halls assigned for decoration ceremony, ceremony to announce the crown prince and some other events of historic importance. A view of the Gorkha Baithak shows such events were held sitting on the royal throne.

There are separate halls for royal family, council of ministers, high ranking royal and government officials for having a view of the program organized in the Gorkha Baithak. Special chambers were provided for the visiting Heads of State and their family members as residence.

The Royal Crown

The royal crown is yet another rare and attractive display in the museum as a symbol of monarchy, royal power and beauty. It is believed that the tradition of wearing the crown began in Nepal from the time of King Rajendra Bikram Shahdeva. The crown is made of valuable metal and stones studded on it. The top is decorated with feathers of humayu, a special variety of bird. Rana PM Chandra Shumsher had brought the feather from USA in order to make it more attractive.

Shree Sadan

Shree Sadan is another attraction of the museum. Soon after the declaration as a Crown Prince, this building was constructed on the basis of the design made by Birendra himself. Since then, he and his family continued to stay here in this building. At the first glance, the building appears to be a combination of Chinese and Nepali multi-roof temple style. This building represents different distinct features for the observers.

Museum Garden

The visitors have also the access of visiting a garden area which contains blooming flowers of rare varieties, plants and an excellent collection of beautiful flowers.